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    One of the most important jobs at the Hunt Test is the Bird Technician position.  OSHRC is proud to have the Monroe High ROTC as our Bird Techs.  They staff each station in the hot sun, pouring rain and cold temperatures to make sure that every bird is thrown properly and on time in order for our dog to retrieve so that we can play this game that we love.  Monroe High ROTC has been with Old South for six years.  These young men and women give up their weekend to earn money for their program at school.   Most of these young men and women pursue a career in some part of the armed forces after graduation to fight for our freedom.  We are very proud to have such honorable young men and women involved in our program.

     Not too long ago, OSHRC recognized one of our own Bird Techs who gave his life for this Country in Afghanistan.  Please read the article that was published in the HRC magazine in his memory for his dedication to his Country, his comrades and his family.  He will be missed greatly.

    Old South Hunting Retriever Club Honors Fallen Solder and Comrade, 1st Lt. Joseph D. Helton

    Old South held their fall Hunt test on September 26th & 27th in Hamilton Georgia.  We had a great turn out and a very successful Hunt test.   As we all know, bird boys/girls are a critical component of a successful hunt test.  For several years, the ROTC at Monroe Area High School has provided Old South with a great group of bird boys and girls.  As a former cadet and graduate of Monroe Area High School ROTC, 1st Lt. Joseph Helton was one of those Old South bird boys (former “duck chucker”, military code name for hunt test).  We are saddened to share that 1st Lt. Joseph D. Helton, died Tuesday September 8, 2009 in the line of duty.  Lt Helton was 24 yrs old and with the 6th Air Force Security Forces Squadron at McDill Air Force Base.  He died near Bagdad when enemy forces attacked his vehicle with an IED.  Col. Lawrence Martin commander of MacDill’s 6th Air Mobility wing said “Joe was an amazing airman and defender who volunteered to lead our best in Iraq.  We are deeply saddened by his loss and very proud of his service”.  The associated press said “he admired his family’s service — his parents, grandparents and three uncles all had been in the armed forces — and doodled battleships and fighter jets as a child.  The daydreaming was not in vain: He went to the Air Force Academy, graduating in 2007. He then was assigned to MacDill Air Force Base, Fla. He didn’t want to leave his sisters behind, but his mother insisted he follow his dream.” 

    Lt. Helton made an impact on all that came in contact with him. 

    • A comrade from Deltona Florida said “to say that he was a great officer, mentor, and leader doesn’t seem to be enough.  He led by example every time and was always willing to assist. Unlike most of his peers and leaders, he was willing to take the time to help me work out what would seem like an almost impossible task.  I have been in the Air Force for twelve plus years and have never worked with an officer or individual for that matter that was so willing to do the little extra to help others out”
    • Terp Daniel Hisham from Baghdad said “no matter what I say it won’t be enough…no matter how much I thank you and your family it won’t be enough…cuz we lost you…a great guy who fought for what he believed in…for a man who fought for Country…Honor …and helping others…My country “Iraq”,, my people and specially me we’re all grateful and thankful for you…for helping this country and its people…may god give the strength to your family and loved ones.
    • A long term friend said “ The world has lost a great friend”
    • A former classmate now from Seattle Washington said “there are no words to describe emotions of extreme gratitude and disbelief with regards to the loss of a Hero to his friends, family, community and Nation.  Joseph made a huge impact on everyone just by his presences, Joe was the epitome of the American dream, He grasped it, lived it and he continuously fought to keep our American dreams alive”.
    • A comrade from Whiteman AFB, Missouri said “I knew that he was the kind of leader that I wanted to learn form and be like.  He truly was the best leader and always led by example.  I am an officer today, because Cadet Helton fought for me and made it possible for me to continue as a cadet…he told me to never give up and always remember that you have what it takes to be a great leader”
    • A friend  and classmate from Monroe Georgia said “You were courageous and had such a great presence about you, you were an inspiration and a wonderful friend”
    • the strength to your family and loved ones..Lt. Helton you’re a real hero. May you rest in peace”

    Old South took a moment to remember this classmate, brother, friend, comrade and Hero.  During the hunt test on Saturday, every flight was suspended at exactly 10:00 A.M., cover was removed and all stood in silence as a fallen solder was remembered.  Prior to dinner, tribute was paid to Lt. Helton for his service, honor and valor in a ceremony in which the Monroe County ROTC cadets presented colors and a moment of silence was held.

     John 15:13 says “greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” We at Old South will never forget the ultimate sacrifice this young man made for his friends, family and Country.  God bless the Helton family, watch over them in this difficult time and give them comfort and peace. God Bless the U.S.A.




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